Text effects 2d overlay


I’m looking for a way to create an animated 2d layer (text effects mainly) which faces the camera at all times.
This layer should not interact with the lighting of the scene.
It is a classical case for after Effects - create an overlay layer with all the animation over an existing video file. But the issue is that the video doesn’t exist and I wanted to make the overlay animation while making the 3d scene.

Hope I managed to explain myself…


You can always make two scenes - one for the overlay, one for the 3D scene, and put one ontop of the other - either in the VSE or in compositing nodes.

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thanks, that will work with 2 complete rendered scenes.
I didn’t try it out yet but this seems to be the solution:

You can have two scenes, and an editor, within one renderfile, and render them both in one pass.

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wow, thats a big button i missed there (the whole Scene management issue)…

thank you!