Text effects..plugins or what?

Hey there everyone,

So, I’ve been using Blender for quite sometime now. I mostly use it for text for my reel. I have a few questions that hopefully you can answer for me.

1.) Is there any way to make the Text transform or make the text have connecting pieces, so at the end of the sequence, the text is pieced together?

2.) Are there any great plugins for the Text Effect?

3.) I’m assuming that you have to do some of the effects in Blender then send it off to AE to do the final touch ups or what not, right?

4.) Do you have to use another program to create the effect on the 3D text?

Please share your thoughts on this. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.



for fancy effects i would suggest rigging the text and then animating it then using compositing to get fancy effects

There is no equivalent of After Effects text effects in Blender. You have to do it all by hand or write a script to achieve the effect you are looking for.