Text field selection behavior

I’m in the process of setting up Blender 2.45 on a new laptop. I’ve got 2.45 working just fine on my older laptop.

I copied my .B.blend file over and started 2.45 on my new machine. It appears to work OK, except I can’t select the text fields for various properties (like RGB or Alpha values in Material, xyz position or scale in the Transform Properties window). Even the arrows for bumping these values up or down do not seem to work.

I’ve seen a variety of posts about graphics cards and RMB slowdown. But those issues appear to be different from what I am getting. In fact, graphical display seems to be lightning fast compared to my older laptop.

I seem to recall having this issue when I first installed 2.3x on my older laptop, but I cannot recall what I did to get things working. Any hints or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


you mean the numeric fields? You should be able to just left-click on the number and it should highlight; just start typing a number. shift click enters an edit mode, as does a slow second click,

Thanks for the reply, PapaSmurf. Selecting a numeric field is exactly what I mean. A left click, a right click, a shift-click, nothing seems to give me the ability to type a numeric value for any field that I have tried.

I’ve also noticed that sliders like RGB in Materials respond differently than I remember on my older laptop. For example, I press LMB and drag the R slider. The slider does not move until I release LMB, when it snaps to the selected position. I used to be able to drag the slider smoothly from one value to another and see the change to an Object’s material. I get the same behavior from the Color Picker. The color only updates when I move the cursor out of the Picker popup window.

I had been using 2.43. It seems unlikely, but could the behavior of the numeric fields and the sliders have changed from 2.43 to 2.45?

Thanks again for any advice or comments.

yea, you should be getting real-time feedback. It must be your OpenGL drivers on your laptop. sorry. On Windows do the control panel thing.

The new laptop doesn’t have an OpenGL-specific item in the Control Panel. Anything I should look for?

I tried installing the OpenGL library for Python, thinking that might help the Blender GUI run smoother. No such luck.

The laptop has a “Mobile Intel 965 Express chipset”. Does this sound familiar? I guess I’ll have to track down the version of the library that’s installed and see if there is a newer OpenGL version.

Thanks for the help, PapaSmurf!

Not sure if this is proper etiquette, but I thought I’d cross-post my comment from another relevant thread I found: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=116453 (If there’s a better way to connect two threads, I’d love to hear it.)

So far: a few searches (here & Google) gave me a few threads that discuss a general issue with Blender and the Intel family of chipsets back in July-November 2007.

This post (http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=107820) by Orinoco almost duplicates my description of the problem.

According to the current Intel driver update tool I have installed, there is no newer driver available for the Intel Mobile 965 chipset.

Has anyone found a work-around for the Intel chipset problem?