text font in file and resolution

first of all anyone can tell why the preview is set at 12 and the render = 0
this would show text always at minimum render !

how can change all the text object resolution in a file ?

I go this example here
but this is not the curve for the font

import bpy

size_i_want_all_text_to_be= 0.5

for ob inbpy.data.objects:

  if ob.type =='FONT':
      ob.data.size= size_i_want_all_text_to_be

so how to change the resolution and may be also the render for text font !

happy bl

Hi Ricky

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[/noparse] tags?

The tooltip for render resolution clearly states that zero = use preview resolution.

Using your example

ob.data.resolution_u = 12  # this is the preview resolution
ob.data.render_resolution_u = 0  # sets it to the same as above, else use another integer > 0

forgot to use the tag
but it was only 3 lines !

just saw that tool tip
so it is part of the object data which in this object include some curve data too!

thanks will test that and see what I can get out of this
hope it can work nicely

I’m still not a programmer and don’t really use it everyday
but fun to learn more and I still like to learn blender in 3D
it has evolved a lot since 2.4X

happy bl