Text Font verts count?

is there some font for text that use a minimum of verts and 2D
instead of 3D in blender ?

note: 3D font seems to use a huge amount of verts and slow down viewport

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Have you tried reducing the text resolution?
resolution = 12, 2495 tris

resolution = 3, 749 tris

You could also look for a more angular font, all of those curves take a fair bit of resolution to prevent them from looking too triangulated.

yes I normaly use res = 4

but on a template I have a cartouche with like 40 text objects
and I’m still at around 350 K verts for that template

is there some font that are only 2 D may be?

I could convert and make the text in 2D but that takes time unless you know a script that can do that auto

and I would have to do that for each dwg I do !

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Are you extruding the text? why is it 3d?

write it in binary. with dot and slashes… no it’s a jock.
you can use a old school digital clock font with angles perhaps?

i know ! you have to pay for this one… but you see the idea

I will recheck for the extrude could be

will also see if I can find some 2D simpler font

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there was some font extruded
so i remove the extrude on all of the font

and it did reduce the verts count down by 100 000
good start but still very high around 250 Kverts

any other suggestions
what else can be done ?

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is there some script that can calculate how many verts for all the fonts in the scene ?

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You could select a text object, then press shift+G, and select by type.

This will select all text objects in the scene.

If you are concerned about vertex count, why not use textures?

want to reduce verts counts

but I cannot make it texture or mesh data

cause this changes from one file to another and it is a template to be re use often

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Well, you could find a very blocky font like these:

There’s not much else you can do, are you running into problems with that many vertices? or are you just looking to optimize?

optimize and reduce verts count for the text font

I mean I got files with over 2 millions verts of objects
above the text data

so if I can reduce it for the text it would help

will check if I cannot convert some text into text mesh
should help a little
but 1/2 of the text are more like variables so cannot really change these

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You could run a decimate modifier on your text object.

This is quite a low-poly font: https://www.dafont.com/radioactive-granny.font

I found a CCO font that is minimum and not too bad for reading
it is not a nice rounded one but now I went form 300 K down to about 100 K
for not that many texts font

looks like text in blender take a large amount of verts

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Note with a low poly font, you can crank the resolution all the way down, might help push it down even further.