text for the game engine?

i’m working on a game and need to have some text or a score counter. i also want it to be animatable, like maybe when the score is changed the text scales up and then back down. anyways i thought that there would probably be a lot of stuff on creating text, but really i hardly saw anything that could help me out. if you know of any tutorials or something please let me know.

figured it out nvm.

In case no-one else noticed, or if another user wishes to know, there are two methods since 2.5*
1)Bit-Map text
2)Text objects and “object.text” in python

Is there any good tutorial about bit-map text in 2.5?
I used to use this technique in 2.4x but the way I do it doesn’t seem to work in 2.5 anymore.

i think they just relocated some of the buttons.

Mhh, ok.
I used this tut a while ago with 2.4:
The conversion to 2.5 fails at step #8.
Sooo, if someone knows how to do it, tell me;)

That should work - that button is present in Blender 2.5. Are you sure you have Blender Game selected as the editor mode at the top?

Soo, meanwhile I actually did find that “text” button.
I set up everything correctly, but when I start the game, the text objects simply disappears.
It’s a bit frustrating :frowning:

Did you type something in for the object’s ‘Text’ property? Make sure there’s a ‘Text’ property in the text object, and type something. If there are still errors, post screen captures so that we can see what the problems could be.

Well, I got it working by now.
But I have got no idea what went wrong the first time (Maybe I typed “text” instead of “Text” in the property…?).
Nevermind, thanks for the help.