Text in Bender Game Engine

How would you go on about putting text in the Blender game engine?

Hey, samson22443!

There’s lots of threads about this. Please do a forum search before asking a question!

Here’s a link to a text tutorial: http://www.blending-online.co.uk/8501/17001.html

That should do it for you!


I recommend www.blendenzo.com


Blendenzo’s site has a link to that very tutorial…

Yeah, and I happen to know the guy who put that link there.:cool:

Samson, I believe you will find ST150’s tut (the one Stu_Flowers recommended) to be most useful. I have a wonderful selection of tutorials on using text on my website as well, along with some pre-made text objects if you can’t figure out ST150’s tut.

Warning: The most common mistake made by those just learning to use Game Engine text is giving the property the wrong name. The property that holds the data to be displayed must be spelled Text (with a capital T), not TEXT or text. Property names are case sensitive (capital and lower case letters are not the same).