Text in .EXE not working...

I did some searching, and most threads dealing with this aren’t talking about the .EXE, but about a program to make fonts…

My problem is that the text works fine in the game engine, but when I compile an EXE file, nothing shows up. Its blank… But the python scripting works, because my ‘game’ has some scripted events that run, so I know that the python is working. Why doesn’t the text show up?

Thanks in advance.

on the screen, or in the console window?

it is possible you forgot to pack your textures

and you need to use the -c switch to show the console window [which ought to show python errors if you have any]

On the screen. Its linked to a text object.

I’ll check the console, although there is nothing wrong in the .blend console…


i had the same problem,pack your textures.that should solve your problem :wink:

Text objects don’t show up in the game engine. What you can do to make them work is select the text object and hit alt-c, which converts it ot a curve, then ctrl-c again and convert it to a mesh. Then it should show up.

There’s also another, more generally used method that uses less polys (faces). THis method involves using a special font texture, which you UV map onto a plane. You then make the UV square select the @ sign on the texture, and select the option “text” in the editbuttons in facemode. Then you have to make a string property on your plane in the gamebuttons called “Text” (without quotes but exactly like that, with the T capitilized nad the ext lower case) and then put what text you want it to show in the string field. I’ll post an example file when i get home, it’s hard to understand without one.


The second method is what I am currently doing right now. A plane with a text name that has text appear on it (with the @ symbol mapped out).

No text in exe, but it works in .blend format.

I repacked the textures, and it still doesn’t work. The thing works fine in the internal blender engine, but when compiled to an EXE, nothing shows up. Any other ideas?

If you post the file it’d help a lot. If you want to send it to me at [email protected] I could figure it out.

Does the text just plain not show up, or does it appear as different height white boxes?

It just plain didn’t show up in the .exe file. I did a workaround though. I used a text object, converted it to curve, and then mesh, and it works in that manner. True, the other method with text on a plane would be much better, but this works :slight_smile: I would prefer the original method that doesn’t work, so I will send the .blend to you.

Thanks again for the help.


Yeah, if you send the .blend and the .exe maybe we could figure it out. I just tried it and it works. If you are using any python, and the .exe doesnt have an out put window, and you have any print statements (a lot of ifs) then your python wont run. Since your initial post mentioned scripts, this is probably the problem.

There aren’t a lot of statements really. Its odd.

I created a ZIP file with the .blend file, the compiled .exe file, and the DLLs I use to run the exe.

I’d appreciate some info if you can figure it out:




I’ll tell you what your prob is right now as I had the exact same thing happen to me yesterday…the only reason I figured it out is that the text was chopped in half.

Ok if you open your blend file and look at the outer limit of your camera (the outer dotted line) your text plane is outside of this. In the exe’s and I think using the blenderplayer anything that is outisde of this limit won’t show up in your window and that’s where you are losing your text plane.

I tried it using your files and moved the text plane into the camera limits and it worked when I made a new runtime.

Yup, I had the same resolution emailed to me by Pooba. That was the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help guys.