Text in the GE!!

I found this tut on text in the GE and i followed it corectlly but when it says on the tut “If all went well there should be text displaying” well with me no text is diplayed or no numbers its just the plane with the @ still.


heres the tut:

The tut works, most of us have probably used it. Try going back over it and making sure you understand everything and follow the directions closely. It’s a little unusual that you see the “@” because you must have done that part right. So just check the directions involving making it a text object and setting it’s text property. You have to have the game engine working, otherwise you will see the @ sign.

I went over it a 100 times and it doesnt seem to work aaaarrrrrgggg!!!
When i start the GE with TEXT enabled the object doesnt show and text still doesnt show when the GE isnt started?

Fireside could maby you do it and send me a .blend with it working?


Try giving the Text variable a long value (a 10 character-string, for example) and see what happens. If nothing shows up from any angle or scale, then you may need to check normals.

Fireside could maby you do it and send me a .blend with it working?

I’d be glad to do that, but I’m having a monstrous time uploading files with my modem. Once you make one, you just keep copying them and maybe scaling.
If you absolutely can’t get the tut working, I’ll give it a try. Your probably missing something fairly simple. The “@” symbol should disappear in the game engine. So it must be the way you’ve set your text property that isn’t quite right.
Otherwise, if you can upload easily, upload it and I’ll see if I can see what’s wrong.

Make sure the object that is displaying the text has a string property called Text (with the capital T!) that got me a few times.

And another goo one
Check if you’re “watching” the object from the good side ( to make things easy enable
It happened to me :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ok i got a sort of break-thru when i put i numbers or text instead of comming up with the text or numbers it comes up with loads more @ in a row?
wtf is going on?

i got it working for him…he didnt download the tga, but used the jpg that was displayed on the page. That’s a No no.