Text indentation

Hi, Can someone explain how I can take 3d text and “press” it to a block to make an
indented sign, as if it was cut into stone? Thanks

A quick and dirty way is to use boolean operations to subtract the shape of the text from the block

Make sure you have the “block” that you’re going to use
“Space->Add->Text” to add your text
“Alt+C->Mesh” to convert the text to a mesh so we can operate on it
Tab into edit mode, press “A” to select all, press “E” to extrude and drag it on the Z axis so it overlaps the block
Tab out of edit mode
Select the block first, then the text.
“W->Difference” to create the boolean
“X->Erase Selected Objects” to get rid of the excess.

The resulting object will probably have a weird topology so you may need to refine it.

Booleans are probably the best way to go, but you could also try the shrinkwrap modifier.
Basically you create your text then convert it to a mesh (Alt-C)
Next take a plain and subdivide it … alot! or a little and then use a subsurf modifier on it. You need a lot of polys though, think of them like pixel resolution for your font indention.
Then you apply the shrinkwrap mod to the plain, setting it to “Project” and target your font mesh.
Then just move the text until it hits your plain and you will see it indent.
You can probably bake the results to a normal map and then reapply it to a lowploy mesh to save rendering time.

Here is another way using textures. A lot less steps involved.


Wouldn’t it be easy to just use a bump map with the prefered font…?

sry to Atom if this is what you did…I didn’t dl your blend