Text made easy! (for newbies and pros)

Update: 8 fonts currently available

This is for those who want to save time in adding text to their games. This is also for everyone who’s ever tried to add text to their game but couldn’t figure it out.

I’ve been using Mariano’s Blender Library script alot, and it recently occurred to me to make pre-made text objects for the Library that can just be loaded when needed. Currently I’ve made two text objects availalbe on my Downloads page, along with a quick tutorial on adding text objects for those who aren’t familiar with Blender Library.

you know, for quick text, just add a text object by space–>add–>text. type whatever, convert to curve, then mesh. Dont vertex color. simple, i always use it.

and you always have lots of vertices and non-changable text so you can’t do menu’s and stuff

shmunkyman33: The point of this post is to make available an easy way to insert dynamic text in the game engine, not static text. Static text could work for titles or menus, but not for keeping score or counting player health, etc. The text objects I’m making available can be updated during game play to display messages and keep tallies. Also, I don’t know for sure which is faster at runtime, but I’d be willing to bet its the game engine text, not the mesh object. GE text adds one poly to the scene, where mesh text adds thousands (which is what scabootssca was getting at).

ok just a suggestion…

shmunkyman33: I didn’t mean that your method wasn’t useful, I just meant it wasn’t what I was talking about. Simple as that, no hidden meanings. There are some times when one definitely needs to use static text, especially if a 3D effect is needed at runtime. That said, please don’t be upset with me.

I was wondering, though, have you tried my objects? I’d really like to know if you (or anyone else for that matter) have found them useful.

no i havent. unfortunatly this is my dad’s computer so i cant download anything. That being said is there a way to make your own fonts? Because the windows fonts dont work, i tried them real quick. So…is there??

Yeah, you can make your own fonts, but you have to download a program called ftblender to do that, and as you’ve stated, you can’t do that. I PM’ed you a longer explanation.