Text Manager v.0.1

And here is my second addon.

it is a text manager.


  • Text browser panel in the Texteditor sidebar
  • New, Save, Save as, Open, Make external - buttons in the panel
  • Automatically reload changed files - checkbox - external files only
  • Automatically run script, when externally changed - checkbox - external files only
  • Manual resolve conflict button - external files only
  • Manual reload button - external files only

I am grateful for any feedback.

Wiki: https://github.com/froglet-studio/blendertools/wiki/Blendertools-by-Froglet-Studio


It looks awesome!

Just a suggestion:

Since there’s already a sidebar tab named “Dev” and already used by some addons present in Blender out of the box, why not put your panel in that tab? Unless you plan to make a massive UI with lots of panels, you probably don’t need a dedicated tab in the first place and the name of your addon on its tab will suffice.

Alternatively, you can also make the sidebar tab customizable! That way the user is free to place your panels in any tab they want. There’s a template just for that purpose here: https://github.com/BlenderShare/templates/blob/master/TemplatesFiles/blender-2.8/UI/customizable_sidebar_tab.py

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