Text murder problems

Hi im working on an animation were a sword cuts this text in half and I want Blood to fly out and splatter

any idea how?

Thanks in advance

look into dynamic paint, which is a new feature, as well as fluid simulation, which is an older feature.

i’m making an animation were a sword comes in and slices the text in half and then the text falls in half.

I want something to come out of the text like Money, Ink, blood,or smoke ( let me know if you have other ideas) after impact of the sword. I have no idea how to even start any of them.

then I want there to be an illusion that the sword is scraping the ground ever though there is no ground. so I want realistic sparks at the end of the sword though out its movement accross the bottem of the screen. so far I’ve only been able to make yellowish blurs using a yellow plain, particles, and explosition.

Realistic reflective silver texture for the text? Right now I have a semi reflective marble looking texture and i think a nice silver would be better

If you can give me some tips, ideas, or help via skype that would be awesome

thanks in advance
PS: my skype is KeyEpic

Fzilm, please don’t make duplicate threads, one is sufficient.

sorry, I guess i dont know how fourms work, I felt mine was twards the bottem and wouldnt be seen

can some one please help? D:

You basically need to use particles. With particle you can create spark to any kind of objects flying out. When you slice the text, the sliced face becomes the “Emitter.” Emitter location can be animated. So, as your text falls it can be spewing particles out. Take a look at this spark work. Go to youtube site and read how he did it as well.