Text next to icon in toolbar?

I’ve googled and done searches here but all the results are useless.

Is there a way to display the name of a tool in the toolbar as text? For example, next to the “Select Box” icon for that tool, the text name of that tool is displayed by default–without having to mouse over.

For new users, this seems like a setting that should be easy to find.


If you move your mouse cursor to the right edge of the toolbar it should prompt you to resize horizontally, if you increase the width enough it should display the text.

That helped. It is quite annoying though since there are just the icons but no clear edge next to the icons. I had to slowly move my cursor around the icons until the stupid horizontal adjust arrows appeared at some invisible point.

Thank you.

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I share your aggravation: the invisible edge is quite far away, IMO, from what it’s adjusting.

NOT the best UI mechanic.

I have the opposite question: I don’t want the text, BUT I want the long, single column of icons that I had before I foolishly started playing with the size. All I can get is small icons in a two-column layout.
UPDATE: it’s possible purely thru mouse interaction, but it’s pretty fussy. You need to balance the width of the column with the invisible ( :roll_eyes: ) column, AND ctrl+MMBdrag to size the icons themselves. At some point, the text disappears.

A simple checkbox would be better – perhaps it’s in the UI somewhere.