Text not showing in playmode of BGE

Try as I might, I could not find anyone with similar problems. So, I ask, why my text is not showing up when testing my game. It shows up in 3d mode and when I render. I am using the default font, and it has been beveled and extruded. The background shows. I have checked my camera’s clipping distance and focal distance. There is a light source. Also, I am running on Windows XP. If it matters, here is a screenie of what I’m trying to use (no prizes for guessing what for)http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh218/Namsternam/Menu.jpg.

Thank you in advance.

convert it to a mesh.

That kind of text doesn’t work in the GE. You have two options:
a) Do what Makin Bacon (yum) said and change it to a mesh (this seems to be the most appropriate option for that particular application)
b) For realtime-text (such as a health percentage, or ammo counter) you need to texture a plane with a special font map and then use a property to control what the object’s text is. Here is a good tutorial. Its not for 2.46, so you’ll have to do a slightly different method to get some of the UV mapping options, but its still completeley valid.

Thanks for the help. I wasn’t sure exactly what my problem was, but your advice of making it a mesh worked out pretty well. As for the UV image method, it intrigues me, and I may experiment with it later.