Text object doesnt scale?

Small problem

When I scale text objects way down alot to so in my HUD they become very pixalted. Same as if I do size. Apply scale doesnt exist for text objects. So is there a way to scale text objects for GE.

Thx for replies

Worst case: you can resort to the trick of using an image of all the chars and offsetting. Really this is similar to what good fonts do anyway (“hinting” for small point sizes).

Let us know if you have trouble finding an example… But I doubt you will since, as far as I know, it was the prevailing method for changeable text in the BGE before the new text tools.


Testing it on my copy of Blender, I don’t think it’s so much a bug, but how it was implemented.

It seems to be that it uses a fixed pixel size based on Blender units, so scaling it to a very small size results in not as many pixels per character.

What could be done is change the implementation so that the pixel size is tied to the object scale and allow the user to change the resolution on a per-object basis.

Another alternative solution is to have the HUD in an overlay scene, that way the scale of the HUD can be independent of the scale within the main scene.

yes , there a kind o detail predefinied . if you make the text obj big this become a hightpoly (can be very heavy!)

you can avoid this problem by :

easy way: parent the text to the camera , to right distance/dimension.(tested)

second way : move the text obj respect to “active_camera” (so follow ever the wiew).(not tested)

It seems there is an automatic “detail” calculation. It calculates the details from the distance and the scale of the text object.

Unfortunately it calculates incorrect.

The only workaround I found was to place the text object far away from the camera (indeed with a larger scale).