text object not extruded in game

text objects revert to their default flat look once a game is run. I googled the problem and everyone said that text must be converted to mesh. all the information is from 2012, so I was hoping this has changed. I want to change the text object dynamically. I would prefer to be able to do it without converting the text. is this possible?

The information you have is still valid.

Usually 3D Objects do not support easy reading. That’s why they are rarely used to to display information.

If you really want to use 3D objects as letters, you need to assemble the word by your own. e.g. create one mesh-object per letter in an hidden layer. Add the mesh object(s) via AddObject to get the word.

An alternative more efficient way is to use Bitmap text. You can design the texture as you want e.g. let the letters appear 3D (while they are still flat).