Text Object not visible

Hi folks,
I ran into a problem with rendering text objects in the game engine.
The text objects on top of the menue items have a plain white, shadeless material but aren’t visible at all when I hit “p”.

Only if I convert them to meshes they become visible. (like in the copyleft statement)
I can’t figure out what’s wrong here, can someone help me please?

Here is the blend:
textobject.blend (656 KB)


By scaling the text up it gets visible though it looks really weird as if it was low res. Strange …

This is the Text-Resolution Bug (present since 2.5). The BGE miscalculates the resolution of the font.

Your object is that small that it each single character is smaller than a pixel of the font texture.

Scale the text up

I think a scale by 10 produces pretty good results matching the pixalated effects of the buttons.
If you want it crystal clear you should scale by 100.

I do not know why your menu is so tiny ;).

Thanks for the quick answer. :slight_smile:
That means I also have to scale up my whole level in order to use text objects for speach ballons. Hope it doesn’t mess up my animations and stuff.

Concerning the Reason for the low scale … well I can’t remember. ^^

I hope it will be fixed in 2.66 fingers crossed