Text object with custom font keeps disappearing?!

I’ve downloaded and packed a font in blender, and I’m using it on a couple different things (Score, # of lives, text, etc…)
and randomly, everything will disappear when starting the game engine. (only starts happening after a while)

A quick way around this is unpacking the font file, but it’s only temporary.
Is this a bug of sorts? It’s very strange…


make sure the little F is checked on the text image?

pack it into the blend?

I’ve never had this issue, but then I always store my fonts in a textures directory externally.

Didn’t happen for a quite a while… but it’s back.
Still don’t know why it’s happening.

Leaving it ‘unpacked’ works well, how do you store them externally?

Keep them in the same relative position in the distributed folder as they are when you play the game (i.e. put the font file in MyGame/assets/fonts, and your blend / game executable file in MyGame/). Also, make sure the path is relative (you should be able to set this in the File menu, if it’s not relative already).

Ah, alright! You’ve been a great help!
Thanks :]