Text on cloth?

Is it possible to add text (created in Blender 2.82) onto a plane that has cloth physics and wind applied? In other words, I have a flag that I would like to add text that would “wave” with the flag. I prefer not to simply use an image plane.

There are many many flag waving tutorials that include uv images on the flag, have a search first.

Blender Guru did one.

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood your recommendation, but wouldn’t using “uv images on the flag” be exactly what I stated I prefer not to do…using an image plane?

To be clear, I want to produce the text, using Blender and the shader editor, and add it to an already existing “flag” (plane) that already has cloth physics applied.

Am I missing something, or is my lack of knowledge with Blender showing again??

You need use UV editor for work with image on a mesh .

What is the reason you do not want to unwrap your mesh and use an image texture?

Ok, sorry, I missed the “not using an image plane part.” My next idea is to try the Mesh Deform modifier, or is it the Surface Deform modifier? If I remember correctly, you make the flag simulation and then using the modifier it copies the deformations onto another object.

Maybe also look at the Lattice modifier; you can do some interesting stuff with it as well. E.g., make a lattice wave in the wind and then put some text inside it.

it seems to me that for a flag:
we create a plan

  • on the cloth (sim)
    we pin it to a post (vertex group)
  • after unwrap
  • after image.

But maybe he wants the text to have thickness and stick out from the flag?

People seem to be very thick about this post. Let’s imagine the OP wants to “glue flexible thick letters to a waving flag” and go from there. :roll_eyes:

The fact that he said ‘i don’t want to use image planes’ is a hint that he doesn’t fully understand uv unwrapping. so why assume he needs some needlessly complex solution when an image texture and bump might well do?

Would that make the text stick out from the flag? If it doesn’t then that’s the only reason I can think of for him not wanting to use an image. There are also ways to animate the text; change what it says for example.

Sometimes thick helpers are better than no helpers. Sort of like the room full of monkeys and typewriters analogy.

Bump makes it appear to stick out and looks thicker than just the flag material.

I’ve been ID’d as the OP :laughing:, so I better describe clearly what I’m asking:

I have already created the “flag” in Blender 2.82 Next, I have created 3D text, with thickness, that I wish to place on the surface of the “flag”, and make it respond to the same physics that are applied to the “flag”. The reasoning for creating the text in Blender (rather than Photoshop/Gimp) is that I want to use the Principled BDSF and other nodes for some special effects on the text.

Hope that provides some clarity? Thanks for all the input!!

See my post about the modifiers and lattice: Text on cloth?

I did note your response, and am in the process of trying that approach. Thanks, lumpyoatmeal!

Sounds like fun. When you get it working we’d love to see the result.

Here’s the link:[Waving Flag w/Text] (https://jumpshare.com/v/eFBwoS4ynC3x1XgAWEX4)
Obviously, I still have some tweaking to do, but you can get the idea. Thanks to you, it really was quite easy…even an old learning codger like me can do it! Thanks again!!

Great job; thanks for posting it.