text on videos


what is the most easy software that can add texts watermarks montage audio and stuff like in this video ?

please help me :slight_smile:

Blender, http://www.blender.org/

I always use windows movie maker, but since most of use prefer Linux I don’t have a bloody idea :smiley:

Blender + Image editor (gimp/photoshop etc) is ok, however slow if you have to deal with a lot of text. You can also create text objects directly in the 3D scene and add a scene strip to the VSE - but it’s horribly slow compared to an image, unless I’m doing something wrong.

I use Sony Vegas Platinum, it is ok for dealing with .tga sequences, customizable output size, audio tracks, and a text editor builtin. One of the main reasons I use it, however, is it’s ability to output .wmv (which most windows editors can, but Blender can’t).

(Search for Blender’s “Video Sequence Editor” (VSE) - it’s what Big Buck Bunny/Elephants Dream was edited with.
Though Blender can’t do the cool ripple effect etc easily… maybe through the node editor, or with a custom compiled sequencer plugin.