Text / one letter's faces arereversed (faces are at the wrong places)

Why hello there!
Fresh newbie here - please consider explaining it like I’m five ^^"

So I added a text in blender, extruded it and then realized that the faces of the letter “R” are not quite what I expected…

How do I change this to normal without creating an object of “R” ?
I will do this later but I want to edit the whole text a little bit more before doing so.
The font being used is Ringbearer.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Greets, Kimmerdinger

There are a lot of fonts with glitches if used for 3d. This one does have something fishy too but i can’t see any faces reversed.

You probably have an offset or a bevel that is causing the R to cross itself prematurely. What you see is similar to what you get if you’re working with 2D Curves that are overlapping, but not quite positioned correctly, because text objects are essentially treated as curves unless you convert them to a mesh. (You’ll even see some of the same options on curves.)

Extruding won’t cause this error, but messing with offset, bevel, or bevel resolution could.

Hello eppo and gradyp! Thank you for taking your time for me! :slight_smile:
I checked botch, offset and bevel but none were touched in the process. Just to be sure, I opened a new project and it still remained the same. As long as there is no solution for my individual case I’ll just take the capital R and resize it when I’m done with editing the form of the text.
Thank you again though!

Greets, Kimmerdinger