Text out of binary Code


first of all, my english is not the best so i apologize for some of my sentences :D.

I want to create a text out of binary code like this one:


I have no idea how to do this. I’ve already tried it with the particle system but then all the numbers were oriented in all possible directions.

Any help would be great here :slight_smile:

This is absolutely great and solves almost all of my problems when making game assets with blender. Thanks, developers!

I found myself a solution, here is the result:

I’ve created the text and converted it into a mesh. Then i’ve added a particle system. Set Normal under Velocity to 0! For the emmiters i’ve used a group of text objects. You can group objects by selecting all of them and pressing crtl + G. Finnaly you’ll need a Wind force field. Place it like in the picture below. That’s it!

For the effect in the end i just manipulated the alpha value of the mesh and i’ve made some keyframes. On the picture you see that “Emitter” is activated but it’s alpha value is set to 0. That’s why it’s not rendered.

Again, sorry if anything is difficult to understand. My english is not really good.