Text overlay on visuals in VSE

I need topresent a topic in visual form. The visual material consists of stillphotographs,
CADanimations, CAD drawings (all in JPG) and also AVI movie clips.

The narrative(story) is a series of text blocks (also JPG) interspersed withand/or overlaying the pictures.
The textalone must be visible and appear to be ‘on-top-of’ the pictures.

I’ve triedadding an alpha channel with GIMP, and also Blender ‘add’ of ‘alphaover’ functions, with limited success. Lack of experience, no doubt.

In generalthe tutorials are unsatisfactory. No-one works from a structuredscript. Brevity killing clarity and he viewer ends up in the darkunless he replays many times to catch the detail actions.

Anexperienced Blender user can probably do this in his sleep. I’m anewcomer. I must get this video out and I’m running out of time.

Any help willbe highly appreciated.