Text Paths

I have been looking through this forum, and have not found a suitable response to my needs… so if anyone can answer this it would be greatly appreciated, even if it means pointing me to the right post…

I am looking to make a logo with text wrapped around the outside of it… I have limited knowledge on how to change the size and shape of a square, as well as to add in section to allow it to be transformed into an hour glass etc… but no where in the Noob to Pro documentation that I can see of, which i have been reading religiously, do I see a place to edit or adjust the text path.

If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

I found these with google. If you search the tutorials forum, you will also find some good info.


Thanks that’s appreciated, I didn’t know where to look really, I’m just starting out… although I will say that it did bevel the text, it didn’t do it exactly what I am looking for, I’ll keep on looking though… thanks for the leads.

This is what I have in mind, I just don’t know how to do it. I am looking at the blue curved text… the document below really don’t tell me what control does it though… or at least I can’t see it as being overly obvious.



In a nutshell:

  1. Start with default scene - delete the cube
  2. In top view (numpad 7) Create text
  3. In the Font panel, click on center - then tab out of edit mode
  4. Use Alt c to convert the text to a mesh
  5. From the bottom of the 3D window, select view…properties.
  6. In the view properties panel, change the y-position of the 3D cursor to -2.2 (arbitrary)
  7. Select the text mesh and tab into edit mode and use a key to select all verts
  8. Press shift w & adjust to suit (shift w is the shortcut for spacebar…Transform…Warp) - click to accept the position, then tab back to object mode.


Ok, that worked great thanks, although do you need to change the pivot from a median point to a 3D Cursor instead?

No, warp uses the 3d cursor.