Text Plugin Help

When writing a text plugin you can have a script run when a certain key is pressed. In one of the script templates it has

Name: 'My Plugin Script'
Blender: 246
Group: 'TextPlugin'
Shortcut: 'Ctrl+Alt+U'
Tooltip: 'Put some useful info here'

This will run when control, alt, and u is pressed. What should i put on that line if i want the script to run when i double click? Any body know or any documentation on this? The blender api does not describe what all can be put in the shortcut line.

Apparently there is like little to no documentation on the shortcut parameter. What i was wanting to do is write a script plug in that when you double-click a word in the text editor, it selects the whole word just as many text editors do. I have all the code written and working properly, all i need to figure out is what to put for the shortcut parameter. Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t think you can get events from the text object the way you need them. You would have to go into the source code for that. And while you are there, can you make it so that when I press CTRL-F Blender sets the focus to the Find dialog box?

Oh… I have a long list of editor request…

You can have the text editor run scripts given certain events. For example, in the text editor (if you have the plugins enabled) if you hit Ctrl + Space, it will run a script to bring up a list of suggestions. But instead of keys being pressed i want to have a Double-Click in the text editor run a text plugin script i have written.