Text problem... little black dots

http://www.pasteall.org/blend/13882 to see what im talking about

here is what i did

#1 add text and change font
#2extrude and bevel
#3convert to mesh
#4 go into edit mode and delet bottem half
#5 extrude bottom vertices on Z axis -0.25 a few times
#6 add colors
#7 set shading to flat

I’ve been trying to replicate the effects and quality of Cinema 4Ds text

but blender keeps having problems

if there is a way to fix the text please let me know…
also let me know if the process I did was wrong

You have duplicate overlapping faces.

Merge it all by removing double vertices (select all vertices and A / remove doubles) and recalculate face normals (Ctrl+N)

that seemed to work, but I’ve done this before and sometimes it dosn’t work… is there any other methods?