Text Problem : offset

I am trying to get a text object working to display the number of objects collected. I have been able to get the score to appear and been able to update it using a python script. But the problem I’m having is that the score doesn’t appear on the text object itself but some distance away. I have compared what I’ve done with the tutorial at:


But I can’t see anything mentioned there that I’ve missed. I’ve created text objects before in an earlier version of Blender (2.34). I have just updated to 2.4. But I don’t think that is the problem as the exercises I did in that version open fine in 2.4.

I feel I’m missing a simple setting somewhere. Has anyone else had this problem?

Screenshots or blend file of you problem please. I cant tell exactly whats going wrong but if I saw it I would probably know.

Two screenshots attached. The first showing position of text during development and the second where it appears when running.

Will post blend if this doesn’t help.

This is just a suggestion since I have had issues with text objects before when they weren’t working as I thought they would, but when you made the plane that the text if supposed to display on: Did you scale that object?

Often I have found that when you create the plane, if you scale it in edit mode rather than in object mode,the text will show up funny (kind of like how you got it in your screenshot). I’m not 100% sure that hitting control-A to apply size/rotation fixes that or not with respect to text objects. When that has happened to me in the past I have always had to remake the plane from scratch in order to get it to work.

Thanks Hush. That was the answer.

I had tried the size/rotation fixes on the object but these made no difference. Because the scaling was on the mesh not the object. Such a relief. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Yeah I’m pretty sure that moving/scaling the plane in edit mode will mess up the position of the text when it appears. You can always move/scale it one way in edit mode then move/scale it back in object mode.