Text problem

Hey guys,

at the moment i work on a intro for a friend for me. But now since i use other fonts i have this “bug”

Any idea to fix it?

Thanks for every answer :slight_smile:

Is that how the text is supposed to look like or should it look like something else ?
Maybe you should indicate what exactly you think is a ‘bug’ so we don’t have to guess
Give us a blend file.

This should the final look of the text. Here is the blend file https://www.dropbox.com/s/uk15hq14jvdkw3o/Intro.blend

The font is not packed in the file with the blend file, so I can’t see the output of the font - but from what I see in your picture, you are using a free font that has symbols as lower case instead of brush scripted lower case versions. Try a different font, maybe test the font with lower case in whatever preview window the website you get your fonts on has. I use www.1001fonts.com and they have a window to type into so you can preview the fonts with your text.

I added the fonts https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dyxcl1nldivq9zk/zZODNqk3Rq Thank you for your tipp.

I looked at the upper case M with that font
And converted it into a Curve (ALT+C -> Curve from Mesh/Text/) , in Edit Mode if i delete this segement :

It seems to fix the problem with the M

Not sure if it’s possible to fix without converting into curve first

I have exactly follow you tipps. Now it looks like this:

Ah yes, the problem is that when 2 closed curves that are set as the same object interesect each other, they’re generating holes, and with that text that has the font intersecting it was bound to happen…

A possible trick would be to select a curve letter (mouse cursor over one segment and press L should help)

Then press P to separate it into a separate curve object.
Being separate objects and not a single one anymore, they don’t intersect for the curve code and so do not create holes.

But in rendering they will now overlap and create nasty visual artifacts.

To avoid this new problem, in object Mode move that curve object a tiny bit above the other letter, so they don’t overlap anymore.
You will have to do this for every curve letter i think

Maybe there’s another better way, but i can’t see one now with this kind of overlapping fonts

One way to do it is to write it in lower case then Alt-c "mesh from curve’ then edit mode select few vertices of the letter M then Ctrl-+ to select the whole letter
scale it and move it in place, repeat for letter K.


Thanks everybody for his answer! :slight_smile:

@ranboblender Yeah this fix the first text. But have you a idea for the second text?

(Same way as the first text)

Do you really need all of them? Mesh Grid with some punched holes…

No, i need not all of them :smiley:

For the second text you just need to offset them by + / - 1 millimeter.


Thank you guys, you are the best! :slight_smile: