Text problems.

I seem to be having problems with text objects disappearing with recent builds. I haven’t been able to track down or recreate it enough to put a bug report in, but as we are getting near to a release, I thought I would mention it here in case anyone else has noticed it.
It seems to be with linked text objects, weather from a different scene, or an external blend. The object appears to be there, but is not visible until you tab in and out of edit mode. Then later it disappears again. So obviously you need to have it selected, but if you cant see it, its a bit difficult, and can make you think its been deleted.
Don’t know what causes it to disappear.

I should say :- win 32, xp sp3, nvidia 550ti, sm21, and a2ffd8e.

Best delete all the things in the scene besides the text and send in a bug report, even if it happens 1 in 20 times - we can test for those cases too. We are so close to release that it would be a shame to miss this bug because its not reported.

I can recreate the invisible texts.

Step 1: make 2 layers, layer1: any object (to be rendered); Layer2: text objects, long and short ones (not rendered)
Step 2: render only layer 1
Step 3: go to layer 2, texts objects should be missing, only origins remain.

Text will still pop back up if you toggle in and out of edit mode. But if you have many text objects, it will be tedious.

Yes, thats it. After a render they become invisible, until entering edit mode again. Bug reported.

Fixed in trunk.