Text Sofbody

I am fairly new to Blender and just started to get into Softbodies. Now when I drop a normal object onto a plane it behaves pretty nicely (looks like jello). Now I wanted to drop 3D Text onto that same plane and have it move like Jello, but I have a hard time getting that effect. It is more difficult to get the material to be rigid. I Converted the text to a Mesh but that did not help either. Finally, I added quite a number of edges by simply connecting vertices in the letters themselves, since I understand that these are acting like springs. But as soon as the text hits the pavement it completely collapses, I tried to tweak all the settings obviously…

Any ideas?


hmmm…if you can turn text to a mesh, then you can turn the mesh to a softbody, and have the table act as a deflector…but make it a stiff or bouncy softbody so it does not melt into the table.

Did you try to put the text in a softbody lattice?