Text takes ages to render


I’ve added a noticeboard to a scene I am working on. It now takes ages to render (maybe 1 hour to render 1280x1024). Previously it took about 2 mins.

The problem is definately the text (tried with just the plain notice board and it was fast). I’ve also removed all materials from my text.

Had a scan of the manual and search of the forum but found no hints. Is there something obvious I’m missing?


I have had this problem too - but it’s been a while since I did stuff with text
but I think I converted the text to a mesh to speed things up

can’t remember though

Thanks for the tip waylow (been away for a couple of days soz). I tried converting to a mesh, and I think it was a bit quicker, but nothing amazing. However I then deleted the whole noticeboard, and created it from scratch, and it rendered fine that time. No idea what the difference was, but must have been something subtly different in the (fairly basic) materials I was using (a combo of plain, wood and cloud textures).

For text in the future, I think I may just do it in GIMP as a png, and apply it to a plane for fast rendering.