Text texture

I’m sorry if this is a repeated thread, i searched but did not find anything similar, so if it is repeated, feel free to delet it.

Well, I’m doing a Dialog system for my project where the text is displayed in an overlay scene.
I’m using the method where you use a plain with a ‘Text’ property and you apply a font image file (font.tga) and you can change the text using the property.
It worked fine so far in the project but the dialog system seems a little buggy.

I import the lines for the dialog from a external file, and I use them to update the text.
Wel, the problem is that the text is not always rendered correctly.
Sometimes it just render the text as a bunch of @@@ as if the font file mapping is buggy or something like this.

Has anyone faced something like this? Anyone have a solution?

Here is a short video that shows the problem.

Thanks everyone.


you can use a text object instead of a plane. this feature was available since 2.6x I believe

Yeah, seems like the best thing to do. Thanks!

I think it’s worth noting that if you have resolution issues with the Text object method, use the following script on the Text objects:

import bge
cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner
own.resolution = 5

Thank you, it really helps!