Text UI drawing error help

I’ve had blender installed at work on a few machines for some time, now. One of the machines is now entirely too annoying to use blender on, though. The text is now completely misaligned and in improper places.


As you can see in that section of my screen shot, the outliner text is completely gone, and the “user preferences” panel at the top has only the bottom few pixels of each character at the very top of it’s region. It may be a system drawing error, or it could be a blender prefs error of some kind. I tried using the 2.4 alpha in the hopes it would fix it, but it’s got the same issue. I’m running OSX 10.4.2, and the blender version is 2.37a (though it’s just as bad in the new alpha, as i stated). I’d like to fix it, obviously. =) The machine with the weird error is the one with after effects and photoshop installed. :wink: