Text window commands Please

(mthoenes) #1

I am looking for a list of the Blender text window commands. Specifically, I would like to save text window text to an external file.


(Schlops) #2

Save: Alt-S
Load: Alt-o
Filemenu: Shift-Alt-F (the only one you need ;))
Undo: Alt-U
Redo: Alt-R
Jump to Line: Alt-J

(mthoenes) #3

Many thanks,

I will add those to the list of others I discovered.

Alt S = Save text flie
Alt Shift S = Select - Jump menu
Alt F = Find Next Selected text
Alt Shif F = File Menu
Alt Ctrl F = Find (Text Entry Field)
Alt U = Undo
Alt A = Select All
Ctrl R = Reopen text
Ctrl A = Go to beginning of line
Alt J = Jump to Line #
Alt C = copy highlighted text (copy paste works between two files as well)
Alt V = paste text


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Somewhere in this page: