text with grease pencil ?

is it possible to add text to grease pencil in nodes editor and how ?


i dont think there is a node that affects the grease pencil. but you can always write with the pencil then convert it to a curve and use the resulting curve in the node editor

oh wait, python forum…

ignore the previous statement, i have no clue about python

text are curves so there must be a way to pass this to the curves of the grease pencil may be!


You can only convert grease pencil to Path / Bezier / Polygon Curve, Mesh/Text to Curve and Curve/Meta/Surf/Text to Mesh.

Otherwise you needed to code the conversion operation yourself, reading the curve data and creating gpencil strokes yourself, see here for quick API intro:

thanks i’ll see if it is possible later this week

but would be cool to add some words doc into node editor
would look nicer then manualy writing it !