Text z-fighting

New to blender and am experiencing z-fighting when using the text tool and tightening the letter spacing until there is overlap. Is there a way to stop this issue when using the type tool without having to convert the text to a single mesh?

If not how do I convert it to a single mesh… When I convert it into a mesh and go into edit mode it is still made up of separate meshes and still render with z-fighting artefacts.


I have noticed this too. If your output goal is to be a single file, you may want to consider using Lux for the final output. Lux does not support the black ugly rendering artifacting that Blender internal so proudly continues after years of complaints.

If your are doing an animation, Lux will probably be too slow of a solution.

Your other option would be to arrange your letters in a design program like Illustrator or InkScape and export the letters as SVG to bring them in as a single curve. Then no overlap should occur after you extrude them.

Thanks for that Atom, that is an alternative solution I didn’t think of.

So is it not possible to merge or the curves or meshes together in blender?

You can merge them together in Blender. You have to convert your font to a curve then just CTRL-J to join the curves together and throw out all the overlapping vertices. It is just easier to do it in Illustrator.