I am making a virtual tour of my school and well i want to make it so when you walk into the room text comes up thast says wat room it is i thought of adding a plane and making a collision sensor you know add the plane under the door and well how do you make text come up lol

thx in advance

you have to get a font targa with alpha map and then apply it to the @ symbol and apply Text uv face mapping. Add a script link sensor for collision that changes property named “text” (string) to what ever text you want! Do a simple search for this kind of topic here and you’re bound to come up with something along the lines of a tut! :wink:

How do you get a font targa? I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE!

there’s a .blend and a .exe zip somewhere around here - it’s called f2blender or something like that - do a search for it in the Python or Game forums and you should come up with something ftblender - that’s it… it’s pretty simple - just load a font into the same directory and give it a run - it’ll make the tga for you and you can use it in your games! :slight_smile: