I’ve been looking around for a while and if it’s just common sense, sorry, but how do you make a Text box where you hit the keys and it writes the letter? If somebody could tell me how, that would be great!

Questions/requests belong in the “Support and Discussion” forum.

That said, you should look over this example I initially made for another user who asked a similar question:


Clap for social! He said something positive! Thanks a lot, This’ll help me. Poll Closed!

VERY neat script!

But how does it work? I for one am dying to know!

I think you are somewhat confused. There is no python at work here. Look at the keyboard sensor and the accompanying properties.

That’s all there is to it.

I am assuming you mean the LogToggle? Yeah, I can make a property ‘writable’, but I have no idea how you make the letters appear on the screen??

You are overlooking the Target field. Whatever is written using the keyboard is directed to Text property.

No I got that. I can write to the property, and it works. But how does the text contained in that property become the big letters on the screen???

How can you move on to the next line? I don’t know how you could make the enter button work. Very cool btw. Thanks!


Oh ya. Thats what he was talkin about.:RocknRoll:

Yup, that would be it. Thanks Social!