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Agreed, the UV tools in Blender needs much love !

Another call for the 2.80 port. I’ve just started to dabble in Blender’s UV tools and they are sorely lacking in comparison to my main DCC(3dsMax) I don’t think I’d even waste time unwrapping in 2.80 until Textools is in there.

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I’ve learned max in class and blender by myself almost hand by hand, and UV unwrapping was the most recent thing I had to check if was equally posible with blender, I looked into what was possible with the addons I had in 2.79 and turns out all the functions that blender doesn’t have by default and I use in max is added by text tools. (Mapping pipes by edges, select flipped islands, aligning islands to edge and rectify)

The only thing missing is the pipe algorithm working as well in some cases and there’s not quick peel. I’ve never unwrapped something more organic such as a head so the relaxing algorithms is something I haven’t looked into yet.

I would pay to help the developer porting this addon, althouth it’s functions need to be added to vainilla blender, after all it would mean helping blender’s development. It’s functions are really needed!

Yes, Blender’s native unwrap tools are weak/limited, but Textools drastically improves that. I’ve been using Max for a looong time so my unwrapping workflow is extremely fast. I probably only use about 20% of Max’s unwrapping tools and I can unwrap any mesh just with those few tools(mostly hotkeyed) The main tools being:

quick planar map
straighten selection
cylindrical mapping
straighten edge horiz/vert
unfold strip from loop
align selection to edge
Also, Max has a very good(and fast) packing algorithm in newer versions. Blender’s packing doesn’t seem on par.

And that’s about it. So, in reality, it’s not a lot of tools, but important that they’re all there for my workflow. I have only been using Blender over the last 3 months whenever I get some spare time, but I am seriously considering moving my real-time hard-surface asset workflow from Max to 2.80. Everything is almost there, but unwrapping is not an option for me for the time being.
Can you recommend some UV editing plugins that have already been ported to 2.80? I checked here in the ‘released tools and scripts’ forum but didn’t find anything of note.

As for payment, I’d gladly pay $20 for Textools for 2.80.

[quote=“Musashidan, post:382, topic:700811”]
Can you recommend some UV editing plugins that have already been ported to 2.80?[/quote]

There’s UVPackmaster. Awesome stuff. It won’t help with the actual unwrapping though. I hope there’s going to be a 2.8 TexTools version, it’s the only thing that I really miss in Blender 2.8.
And I’d happily pay more than 20$. :slight_smile:

Agreed about the packing, if you want somethign better, UV Packmaster is what you’re looking for. I’ve seen someone has already reaplied you anyway.

I also use everything you mentioned here. Actually that’s more like 80% of what max does, the thing is some options are duplicated as buttoms and menus and other buttoms do almost the same, for example there are 4 stich buttoms in max but only one of them is what does what you will need like 99% of the time.

Believe it or not, for more complex surfaces in hard surface, quick peel is the way to go, and very rarely relaxing (quick peel does some relaxing that’s why it’s all that you need).
Quick planar is what unwrap does in most cases (Unwrap>Unwrap), and the cilindrical box and spehere mappings work, but without a gizmo sometimes is not clear what you’re doing.

Break islands is weird. They removed Y for breaking UVs in 2.8 but before you also had to play around the sticky selection modes to realize how blender handles that, I thought my UVs weren’t welded but they were and you have to use shared location most of the time.
The stiching works fine but as happens with modeling some options appear while you have the tool active (i.e stichng to the current island or the opposite one).

I recommend you looking into this thread but lots of addons List of addons that work with 2.8 the tube and quad unwrap do a better job than blender’s default options at preverving proportions. You also have lots of great modeling addons, like the set flow. The only addon I miss from 2.79 for modeling is the quick pivot and NP_Station for snapping. There’s a paid one that does that thought.


Yes, UV Packmaster seems the way to go all right.

Well, there’s still a lot of tools in Max’s Unwrap that I never use, like any kind of edge/seam selections, or pelting, or as you say the more useless tools like those other 3 stitch options.

I’ve also been using Polyunwrapper plugin for years and before that the original TexTools for Max.

Because I wrap all my cylinders, tubes, and tube caps(especially) to rectangles the Rectify tool from TT is absolutely essential. With other things like stitching and breaking I suppose it’s just a matter of me getting used to a new workflow. Not having to work in a modifier like in Max is an absolute delight in Blender(and all other DCCs) So good to be able to edit geo and UVs at the same time. :slight_smile:

I’ve looked down that list and a Setflow equivalent is the first thing I looked for. Unfortunately it’s not quite like the Max Setflow.

I’m trying to get used to Blender base tools before I start delving into too many addons. At the start I made the mistake of buying Speedflow, Boxcutter, and Hardops, but decided to disable and not use them until I get a rock solid base and workflow in Blender before introducing addons.

There is an awesome free addon called UV Squares that will function just like rectify from TT and has other cool functions too

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

EDIT: @Emrebel just messed around with it and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Also, it has a nice ‘break’ feature, which I was missing from Max.

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Once Rizom make a decent blender 2.8 bridge i will switch to this for UV!

Maybe once Rizom make a decent UI. :slight_smile:

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Agree they could improve on this but some of the tools are second to none when you want to have fast production.

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I have an issue within Textools and I’m looking for some help.


If i use certain Textools on the UV’s of those selected faces (rotate 90, rectify for example), it will automatically add the contained face to the selction (The one the arrow is pointing to)… and then include those UV’s in any transforms or tool operations, which isn’t the intended action. Is there a way to avoid this? If not is it likely to be fixed at some point?

cheers. Love the addon other than this little niggle.

Hi, I’ve port Textools to blender 2.80, I hope it’s useful to everyone. You can download it on my Github:


Nice, but does everything work fine?

As they say hereabouts, Bostin’ :slight_smile:

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FWIW I found a solution to use Blender 2.8 w/o addon to bake lightmaps. See this post about baking lightmaps with Blender 2.8

While looking for a workflow to bake textures; especially lightmaps, someone pointed me to TexTools and now that it’s been ported to 2.8 I wanted to give this amazing addon a try.

  1. When you have a scene with a couple of objects a common approach would be to bake lightmaps from the scene into one texture. Is this supported? If so, how do you configure TexTools for this?

  2. When I bake normals using the build in feature the result is different. In the image below you see how Blender bakes the normals that go into the BSDF node into the active image. Is there a way to use TexTools to do the same? Or is baking normals with TexTools only used for baking high-poly details onto low-poly?

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Hope so. :wink:

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