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Anyone know why the ‘clear image’ function from the regular Blender bake rollout doesn’t work with Textools? No matter what TT ignores it when it’s unchecked and always overwrites the baked map. Cheers.

@SavMartin Hey, thanks for the port of the addon, it’s awesome. I know you are not charged to develop it or add features, but is there a way to disable the detection of high poly by their modifiers ?
I’m working with name pairing, and the modifier detection just screw it up. Just having a bevel modifier is enough to detect the objet as HP. So the user has not a total control and in my opinion should be a disablable (does this word even exist ?) feature.
@renderhjs So sad you disappeared :frowning:

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If anyone is annoyed of the modifier detection, here is the fix.
Go in the utilities_bake.py file and comment the lines 251 to 260 containing the block

if len(bpy.context.selected_objects) > 1:
    if obj.modifiers:
	 for modifier in obj.modifiers:
	     if modifier.type == 'SUBSURF' and modifier.render_levels > 0:
	          return 'high'
	     elif modifier.type == 'BEVEL':
	 	  return 'high'

or if you are lazy you can download the file here ^^
utilities_bake.py (15.8 KB)


Problem with installing in Blender 2.82

Did this happen in consequence to my post?
I’m not the developper of the addon, nor the one making the port of it, i can’t be of help, sorry

Dowload form here, and install : https://github.com/SavMartin/TexTools-Blender/releases/download/TexTools_2.80/textools.zip


No, its because he download from this button :

and must download from here :


All is fine. I’ve pressed the wrong reply button. Sorry for the confusion. :slight_smile:

Thank you. Works! :+1:

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Can anybody help me? This problem is still haunting me.

I personnaly don’t use the Texel density from Textools, but i use Texel Density Checker


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Will post my solution in case of freeze when baking highpoly (over 1 million polys) by textools.

It happens because of material restore on highpoly mesh after bake process is finished. To solve that freeze you need to disable face indexing by commenting lines from 157 to 159 in utilities_bake.py. It works for me. Hope it will help someone one make a proper fix for textools in future.



When I press a turn or another button, the error is returned but the action is performed.
In the settings, the New Data checkbox checked, did not help. TexTools version 1.3 Blender 2.82-2.83.

Is there a stitch and align button in Textools?

I didn’t find this “Extra Info” addon, do you have a link?

Yes, here you can download from my friend @ofuscado : https://github.com/zebus3d/ExtraInfo

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I forked your TexTools git to add some modifications, but to be honest i’m not really comfortable yet with git. Appart from doing solo project versionning, i’m not really familiar with the forking concept etc.
I added two features to disable modifiers and parenting detections for the low/high poly matching, with a checkbox.
The modifier one is working great, but i have to have another look at the other.
If you are interested in adding those features i can take a look at how git really works ect.


Thanks!! Also, thanks a lot for porting the TexTools addon for 2.8, you did a great job and a great service for the whole community! I hope one day such addons are implemented as standard on Blender.

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Hi, thanks for taking an interest in improving Textools, for my part there is no problem in using my github in adding improvements that the community believes are useful for most, but I want to clarify that my github is only a port of the original version, Draft enhancements or modifications, perhaps should be done by people who master all aspects of texturing.