TexTools for Blender


(Poligonz) #241

Im wondering what that error means.

(Poligonz) #242

I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

(JWise) #243

After the most recent update of Substance Painter and the addon Hedgehog Connect I decided to start investigating UDIM’s but find they are pretty well neglected on the Blender platform. While this guy @Vertigos had been working on an addon called MultiTile-UDIM Painting System, he has since left it to turn to dust. https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?374697-Addon-Cycles-Multi-Tile-UDIM-non-destructive-painting and here’s the code: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0pizqo1ihixi2g0/vtools_multiTilePainting.py?dl=0

My question is for @renderhjs, I am wondering if this code or process could find its way into TexTools? Or does anyone else have any information regarding UDIM’s and Blender?

(m9105826) #244

Blender has no real support for UDIM, but there are some nebulous plans to support them through the pipeline in the future.

(Mugen_Raion) #245

Does the “face selection” bake work? Any time i try to use it the entire uv image becomes black.

(gman.vfx) #246


I receive the following error while installation even in previous versions, i coulnt find the tool un Uvs section

(carlosan) #247

Hi !
Any chance to add this features to explode function ?
Thx !

(Tosky) #248

Renderhjs, could you implement a “gravity checker” ?

“Laying up the UV mesh according to the rules of gravity, using software to generate textures will spare a lot of problems connected with the angle of leaking / patterns. It will also facilitate placing typography. Use gravity checker to run viewport.”

({- _ -}) #249


Texel Density tools are broken in current version (1.1)
they doesn’t work with non-square textures
checking or applying tex density distorts uv map, one vertex is always moved

(m9105826) #250

Any chance we’ll see the remaining bake modes added to TexTools? Your baking workflow is so dead simple that I miss it when I need to bake other maps.

(Wolfen113) #251

Experienced it turned out that the reason for the interface language is Blender. I had a Russian language, it was because of this that the Mesh Texture option did not work.

(monatsend) #252

I also got the rectify error in the 1.1.
after rectifying aproximately the sixed mesh it will produce the error.
then I restart Blender and rectify works for another six meshes or Islands.
Usually I encounter this issue while using the peel function.

But great Addon even though.
It combines the functions of UVSquares and UVAlign and adds alot of great stuff on top <3

(Veezen) #253

How long does it take to bake curvature maps? Because I in my case, it bakes too long and I don’t know why. I was baking from high poly mesh (~2mln) and then I was afk for about 30-40 minutes. When I came back, it was still baking, and viewport was frozen. My comp specs are OK.

(kalish) #254

Great job, i was sad at the first versions because i missed the bake height maps. But now it’s on my top 5 workflow addons. Great job

(royor) #255

hi i got this error while selecting rectify i have remove and install but stil the same.

(royor) #256

Hi do I need to reinstall my blender? because I did what I can to make this work reinstall the textools but this still happening why even I create new object, create new scene, reset and still this is happening I was really frustrated btw I’m a new user been 1 week and half using blender I’m about to finish my unwrapping until this kicks in please help me guys.

(chombor) #257

Hi, first thing first I want to say - Thank you for sharing that awesome addon!

and I also curious why you consider changing viewport shading after checker texture was applied?

I already have textured solid view, and such behaviour a little annoying me, maybe you could make an option for that?

(stanley82) #258

Hi, I have very often this kind of issue when I use Rectify tool. Usually it gets fixed when I restart blender.
I would really appreciate if you can fix that. Im using it quite often.
Thank you

(SHABA1) #259

I would love to see this feature. There is an explode feature in TexTools?? Where?

Nevermind I found it in the documentation here.

hI tro ttp://polycount.com/discussion/197226/textools-for-blender

I DO NOT understand how to use it but I will just try to play with it and see what happens.

(Piton812) #260

Thanx a lot for sharing!