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It has been a while since I was able to post some updates here. I have been watching the thread and there have been a lot of error bug reports regarding the rectify tool. I’ll look into them but for now here are some updates I have been working on.

Align WorldI have been working on a new tool call ‘Align World’ . All it does is rotate the selected UV islands to match world orientation.
The tool determines orientation for 6 direction thresholds (e.g top view, side views,…). This is a great tool for when you don’t know if UV islands are aligned consistently.

Gravity checker mapI also added a ‘Gravity’ checker map which is cycled just like the other checker maps.

In other recent updates I have been improving the Mesh Texture tools. The usability should be increased a lot, with more immedient results. I also added new icons for the Mesh Texture tools.


Trim ToolA new tool ‘Trim’ was added to trim meshes to the UVmesh layout


Better Wrap ToolsI moved a new wrap slider in the TexTools interface to faster preview mesh texture wraps. A mesh deform quality toggle was added as well as sometimes the wrap does not succeed, increasing the quality usually fixes the issue.


Mesh Pattern toolalready in development for a while the mesh pattern tool creates objects with added array and mirror modifiers to quickly design mesh patterns.


With these primitive pattern tools its easy to create bricks, fences, floor paneling or sci fi patterns in a matter of a few clicks.

New Bake mode’ Paint Base’
And finally there is a new baking mode called ‘Paint base’. It combines a vertical gradient with cavity, this map is thanks to Link03D aka Danyl Bekhoucha . This is a common technique for characters in Blizzard games or Dota style of texturing.

At the moment I am a bit stuck with the documentation, hopefully once that’s a bit out of the way there will be an update available.

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Also … I think I fixed the rectify bug on high density meshes. I thought this would have been a lot more difficult to solve but I actually managed to improve a few things include restoring selections & modes after rectify.


Will be in the next update

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Little improvement for the bake panel: when changing to a previous baked mode for the selected object it will load the baked image in the background of the UV/ Image viewer.


(Remade) #264

it will be nice to have a function to random offset uv island.(useful for stone masonry,wood floor etc)

(wuren) #265

I realy like your addons both TexTools and FBX Bundle !

Cheer !

(chafouin) #266

Amazing tools, these are so useful!

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You mean for each UV island in your selection?

Here is a mock up of how I could see this tool working
With a rangeX and rangeY to determine the maximum random offset per axis and perhaps a enum property for mode, e.g. verts, islands,…

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Really cool stuff especially like your latest align UV islands to world coordinates, it’s something that was at my TODO list but glad you got there first :smiley:


Really cool features renderhjs!!

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Amazing feature set. :yes:

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hi renderhjs,
thanks!yes exactly as you have shown!this is useful if one wants to use external renderers.(i think in cycles some randomization node setup is possible).eg. for making stone wall like below.

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I started added a bevel mask in TexTools which uses the bevel shader node. Just a single slider to adjust the bevel size to bake a mask on any object or high poly to low poly object selection.

unfortunately there is quite a bit of noise currently on the normals causing the noise in the mask, this is part of the experimental bevel shader node feature - its better than nothing.

I managed to detect wehter the Blender system supports the bevel shader or not. So this upcoming TexTools version will work in stable and development versions of Blender.

and if not provide a download link of a blender version that does

Here is a more complex example of this new Bevel mask bake mode

(Derjyn) #273

Not sure if this has been posted… But when I try to bake certain maps, I get an error:

(Derjyn) #274

Not sure if this issue has been posted, but when I try to bake certain maps:

(renderhjs) #275

I added today deeper menu integrations with the rest of Blender - in particular 3D view menus and existing UV image view menus

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With the deeper menu integrations, if we are using nightly’s and update our Blender build will we lose your integrated menu’s and need to reinstall TexTools?

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Nothing to loose, menu entries are added in the next version. You can either use any stable public release of 2.79 or a nightly build. The only difference is that in the nightly you will see 3 more bake modes appear that involve the new cycles bevel shader.

It uses a safe detection in the code to determine if your blender version supports the bevel shader.

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Would you happen to have a test file for me or steps so I can reproduce the error myself? I haven’t encountered this issue before myself

(SHABA1) #279

You do excellent instrutional gifs. But do you have any links to video tutorial??

(Michael Knubben) #280

@renderhjs I have this same issue (hadn’t tried baking those maps before, I bake externally). Where would you like me to send the file?
The error I get is the same as @derjyn’s, and here’s what’s in the console:
"Traceback (most recent call last):
File “D:\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons extools_init_.py”, line 845, in draw
params = op_bake.modes[settings.bake_mode].params
KeyError: ‘bake_ao’

location: <unknown location>:-1"

edit: https://i.imgur.com/ifmnYOI.png
Everything between (and including) AO (the third icon) and Cavity gives this error.
Blender 2.79b, Windows 10, Textools 1.1.0