TexTools for Blender

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ba.org shit the bed and tripleposted :smiley:

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(renderhjs) #283

Send it to this email address please
Thanks, about to release the next version - if I could address this issue beforehand that would be great.

(renderhjs) #284

Version 1.2.0 is out!

Download & documentation

New Features

  • Mesh Texture: Trim tool + collapse tool
  • Mesh Texture: Pattern tool with 6 patterns
  • Mesh Texture: Wrap slider
  • Bake Mode: Paint Base aka Blizzard diffuse map.
  • Bake Mode: Bevel mask
  • Bake Mode: Bevel tangent normal map
  • Bake Mode: Bevel world normal map
  • Checker map: last click clears checker map
  • Checker map: gravity map
  • Select bake mode: Preview previous baked texture
  • Align UV islands rotation to 6 world axis
  • Majority of commands added in default Blender menus
  • Mesh Texture: Wrap: More flexible selection options
  • Reload textures: Remove unused materials (dependencies) and show popup of removed items + reloaded images
  • Bake pairs: New key word for high and low: hi, lo
  • Fixed rectify with high density meshes
Bevel Shader

If you want to use the 3 new bevel based baking modes, make sure you download a nightly build of Blender at https://builder.blender.org/download/

I recommend sticking to 2.79 but one of the nightlies for these new features.
Without a nightly build these 3 bake modes will simply not show up. You can tell in the addon preferences if you are missing the bevel shaders.

(fiendish55) #285

Absolutely stunning job, this has everything blender needed so long time by now!

(SergUA) #286

Hi there. I have some errror when i try to instal addon. Textul v.1.2.0, Blender 2.79b

(ferrettank) #287

2.79 worked great for me,

Although I am trying out baking in 2.8, I am getting this error:
Same error in each baking mode.

Version: blender-2.80-c21ceb3-win64.zip built on May 01 2018 02:56:34
Any recommended build I should use?
Anyways keep up the great work, I love this addon! :smiley:


(critch) #288

First, Great job on this add-on. Today I was happily baking normal maps when I noticed skewing in some of my details. I added a simple subsurf modifier to the cage and low poly to compensate for the skewing. I may be using the tool wrong but it appears that the subsurf modifier confuses the object selection filter making it appear that I only have high poly objects selected even with correct naming convention. Is there some way to over ride the auto assignment and force object type selection?

(Derjyn) #289

TexTools ate my materials. I just spent hours getting things assigned for a color ID bake, then a couple more packing my UVs. I was in texture view for a preview (from TexTools), and switched back to material view to get ready for a bake. Only to find the preview material nuked all my other materials, and with them my selection groups.

Please change how that works.

Aside from that, really awesome stuff, thanks for the all the hard work!

(darekk) #290

Hi Is it possible to Rectify all UV islands at the same time? I unvrap poly hair (use awasama tool who make automtic hair but without rectangular UV islands ) and have ~100 UV islands. Now I rectify one by one. I tried to find a solution but unfortunately I could not. Any chance for this ?

And ofc Thanks for great tool !

(so3Datel) #291

Gravity checker map it is good idea. But I think this particular map is not the best example. Because this map has dark and light areas. On geometry it looks bad, looks like geometry with broken normals.

I suggest using one of these textures.


If you like it, you can freely use it.
If you need to make a maps with a more density tiling, then I can do it, just tell me.
sorry for my English

(Jasiek) #292

Quick question, does this support custom normals on the low poly?
I need to have edited normals on the low poly, but cycles completely ignores them, but I need features from cycles like the experimental displacement, so I turned to your addon, but the bake seems similar to what Cycles offers :frowning: .

Otherwise, it’s an absolutely amazing tool!

(zz_ray) #293

Is there a way to manually increase the quality even more? I have no clue why it just won’t work sometimes. Its a really, really great feature but not really reliable at the moment.

Apart from that, thank you alot for your hard work. I used TexTools in Max for a few years before I moved to blender and always loved it.

(1D_Inc) #294

Uploaded some cc0 patterns and video timelapse.
Here is BlenderNation post.

(bkjernisted) #295

Amazing! Thank you Paul.

(Tosky) #296

I’v found some oddities:
-from time to time most of the interface addon turn into a “you cant click me” state http://prntscr.com/jl7639 even if your object is on Layer 1, luckily workaround is going into Edit mode and Object mode again. Btw if your object is on another Layer then that trick dosnt work.
-sometimes “checker” instead of working as intended will show plain full colors like brown or black or redish instead of “checker” textures. <<<-- nevermind, it was caused by a Blender bug I’v discovered which conflicted with textools.

(renderhjs) #297

Thanks for the feedback guys, in time I will address several of them, today however just a quick update on some upcomming stuff.

I have been working for a while now on an upcomming tool called “Pin & Relax” which is started to mature recently to something rather usable.

It unfolds and Pins selected edge loops into straight lines and relaxes the rest of the UV island. Similar to Headus UV layout with its edge constraints. It does not re-scale the edge distance but instead maintains it.

There is also support for selected multiple edge loop sets where it straightens and relaxes them largest to smallest but this mode is not yet fully fool proof.

Apart from that I have also been working on a hard edge UV split/bevel tool which was requested by GamedevFred to improve normal baking workflows in blender by eleminating pesky seams. More on that in the future.

There are some bugs that I also want to address for the next update as reported here in the thread by others as well.

(Luís Cherubini) #298

Hi there, I’ve been using your addon for quite some time now and its amazing. Congratulations.
Therefore, Im struggling with A LOT of bugs. (Im on 2.79 official.)

  1. Rectify button gets traceback errors after being used.
  2. Baking modes such as dust, selection and cavity doesnt work at all.
  3. I can bake a AO map but after 2-3 rebakes it gets traceback as well and kills the addon for that .blend file. (re-opening the project doesnt fix it)

I have a feature request as well:
“Overlap similar UV islands” (I dont know if its possible to do that with your addon right now.)

It works like this:

(so3Datel) #299

Rectify error. I use this tool very often. And very often I get errors.

38_Deck_Sink_2.blend (997.5 KB)

(renderhjs) #300

Rectify error. I use this tool very often. And very often I get errors.

I fixed that one as I was able to reproduce it, will up with an 1.2.5 update soon.