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(so3Datel) #321

Now I know what the problem is. The problem is that your uv-islands has stretches.
In UVEditor go to N-panel and turn on “Stretch”, and choose “Area”. You will see a lighter blue color in the stretched uv-polys (or other differing color). This is because you changed the geometry after creating uvs. You need manually create seams on beveled cube and unwrap it.
Textools read average texel density(TD) from all uv-polys. If all uv-polys have tru texel densitty (TD), but one uv-poly have been stretched and have vrong TD, Textools will calculate TD averaged between normal and stretched uv-polys.
sorry for my English

(jpthrash) #322

True, I’ve been getting inconsistent results because at times I was doing a proper unwrap and other times camera based on beveled planes, that gave me a slight tension in the corners. Thank you for pointing it out, that was equally silly and frustrating.

Thanks a lot :smiley:

(renderhjs) #323


Can i ask for a feature ?
Stack multiple similar UV Islands atop one another for texture space sharing.

I have attempted this a few times in the past (3dsMax version) but there were always challenges to detect a UV topology or fingerprint to align and stack.


The, only thing missing from this gorgeous pack it’s a UV’s Packer :slight_smile: .

I am hoping that the Blender foundation will support this eventually with a native C implementation for a faster and better packing algorithem.

I would realy like to know which face I’ve UVed and which I didn’t . In headus you just drop the face and it’s gone from viewport ( I don’t think that behaviour can be done in Blender ) but maybe a overlay color or something :slight_smile: .

I usually unwrap everything once and move everything in a corner that is not yet sorted. Alaternatively I always create a primitive e.g. plane with UV coordinates generated. That way things are always unwrapped. You can then apply a checker material to see what’s unwrapped in a reasonable scale.

And Is there a way to put inside the rectify script a relax of the uv’s. Headus UV does a relax on demand, it unifies the uv’s but keeps the borders squared . But the vertices inside the faces are relaxed .

There is the “Straighten” tool which is a bit similar to Headus: You select edges, press the tool and it will unfold and straighten those edges, pin them and then ‘relax’ or unwrap the related island.

Its not perfect but it works for most cases.

I received your donation, thanks again
And yes I had a look at the blend file - its not easy right now to implement in the rectify tool and perhaps would be better fit as a seperate tool, e.g. unify face widths or face heights.

Recitfy tries to average among connected and when angled the widths and the heights of faces all in a connected relationship - I am not surprised that it does not always produce the result that you expected in your case. Even when I used the ‘Follow Active Quads’ unwrapping that comes with Blender I got a similar stretch pattern as seen below:

Perhaps with the upcomming align width and height tools there can be a island and face mode or just a seperate tool as the itnernal logic would be quite different.


Lately I ran into an issue with the texel density tool, It never seem to do a precise job, I don’t think it’s a TexTools issue because it also happens with Texel Density Calculator and UVTools addons. In the following picture you can see how both objects (having the same texel density) checkers doesn’t quite match.

My first guess: Your objects have different scales and are not yet applied (ctrl + A > apply scale). I actually did a quick recreation of what I can see in your screenshot: And it works pretty well for me:

(renderhjs) #324

Some updates

Anti Aliasing warning
Added a new warning with actual bake resolution

This is shown when you bake using Anti Aliasing and indicates the actual resolution in memory that will be baked. Previous user feedback showed that someone tried to bake a 10k texture map because of Anti Aliasing and wondered why it kept running out of memory. This should make it more obvious.

Rectify: Support multiple islands


With the upcomming update the rectify tool can be used among multiple UV islands or partial selections of multiple islands.

Match size tool
New tools for matching width or height of selected islands

I haven’t decided yet wether to space out the items as well with tool or just match the width / height.

(jpthrash) #325

Thank you for your help.

Actually so3Datel was right, I was doing a planar mapping to a plane and a beveled plane and that was causing a bit of tension in the corners of the beveled one making the texel go off by few pixels. Really silly mistake on my side.

(1D_Inc) #326

Thank you for response!
You are welcome^^

(Yury Ziankouski) #327

With the upcomming update the rectify tool can be used among multiple UV islands or partial selections of multiple islands.

The most anticipating feature for me before one-click overlap packing. Nice job! Looking forward to use it daily.

(Moux) #328

Just a detail here, I made a 1 meter square and assigned a 1024px image texture, so normaly I would have 1024 of texel density, but when I calculate using the eyedropper, the result is a bit less than this (1023.8). I wonder why ? Thank you.
(I applied all the transformation of the object)

(renderhjs) #329

Perhaps a float precission thing but technically still correct if you round that value to an integer which then becomes 1024. Can do a math rundown with actual values if you want which would then explain the very result.

Other things to consider in your test

  1. Make sure that tye uv’s are exactly 0-1 and not slightly off.
  2. Make sure your plane is exactly 1x1 units.
  3. No scale on the object, apply the scale if needed.

(atekdigital) #330

With the help of TexTool addon. Im baking my simple mesh

Blend File

I have created UV to the mesh and with the TexTool i click on the Tangent Normal and click bake. After the bake process is over there is only a purple color image nothing else effect or bump on it.

May i know the reason where its going wrong. Any suggestion or help. Thanks

(renderhjs) #331

The reason why your tangent normal map is just purple is because unlike many other map types a tangent map requires a low and high poly model to bake from / to. This is different to object normal maps which support low & high or just a single low mesh to bake onto.

The latest blender version should actually flag a warning if you only select a single object for the Tangent bake type

So what I did was to copy just the quad mesh bit from your model and create a new object. I called the objects “plane lp” and “plane hp” (hp = highpoly, lp = lowpoly). The objects need to share the same space when baking.

And so with that I am able to bake the tangent bake mode just fine, all I had to do was to adjust the “Ray distance” to fully catch the height of the high poly mesh.

Here is a modified version of your blend file that will work just fine if you select both objects
(also I reduced the polygon count of your object as baking was very slow - its snappy now)

(atekdigital) #332

I have download the newest version from the wesbite (1.3.0). Whats going wrong with my file or my method. I have download your file and to practice i have deleted all the images. With the low plane and shift high plane i selected and click on bake with the Tangent Normal selected i get white Normal result.

What im doing wrong and why this white result.

(Giakaama) #333

I know but the results are not that previsible :slight_smile: .

What I was asking for is … I’ll do a bit of show and tell


As you can see, in UV Layout you do a " Rectify " then do a relax/unfold and the island keeps the shape somewhat but the distortion it’s not that obvious on the model .

With Rectify - the tool it’s good but it straighten out everything and the distortion it’s obvious .

That’s why I was asking for a relax :slight_smile: .

Anyway thx for the reply :slight_smile: .

(Giakaama) #334

Right now I’m doing something like this

  1. Iron Faces
  2. Select All
  3. Rectify
  4. Pin the extreme Vertices
  5. Unwrap
  6. Straight the edges

The thing is that maybe all these steps can be merged into one function :slight_smile: . ?

(renderhjs) #335

The thing is that maybe all these steps can be merged into one function !:slight_smile: ?

its almost like ‘rectifying’ edge loops or straighten edge loop groups in one process.

Some updates:

Upcoming new thickness bake mode for TexTools. Uses the new 2.8 ao node to bake inverted AO with inverted colors. Controls include AO distance, contrast and samples. This thickness map is useful for realtime SSS shaders.

There are now about 19 bake modes in TexTools when using a nightly 2.79x build of blender. 4 Modes are exclusive to the newer cycles features only available in the 2.8 branch.

(rbx775) #336

Renderhjs, I just wanted to drop you a huge “thank you” for all your hard work on textools!
You are doing the blender Community a big one.

Have been using textools for some time now and I must say, unwrapping is so much more convenient now…
Couldnt do without anymore.

The fact that this is free speaks volumes about you!
Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

(renderhjs) #337

Hi thanks always appreciated. Always nice to see people using it and actually making a difference.

New experiments
Been experimenting with vertex colors to drive the bevel amount in some of the bake modes - just experimental right now but could be a powerful way to adjust beveling on models. Another idea could be to convert hard edges to vertex colors as a initial pass.

(Evandro Costa) #338

Maybe someone here can help me:

I want to bake an object with two materials to a Material ID texture map.

I created a simple object which has two materials.
I then opened the UV of the object.
When on the baking panel I select Material ID, then click Bake 1x, the addon creates a full Black texture, instead of the material IDs texture.

Here an screenshot… of course my scene is more complex, I’m merely showing an example:


The developer said it was something he fixed on 0.9.7

Yet, I’m using the lastest 1.3.0 and also tried on 1.1.0 and both give me the full black texture.
I can kinda work around by Converting Materials to Color Ids then baking the Diffuse, but I wanted to know, is the Material ID baking mode broken, or am I doing something wrong?

(sinistergfx) #339

There’s an addon that works on this principle called Render Bevel (found here: https://gumroad.com/bartoszstyperek)

It gives you a tunable ‘Bevel Size’ that really just puts values in a named vertex color slot that is then used by a custom bevel node .


Any News on UV Checker Map Removing all youre material ID I setup?