TexTools for Blender


(Juris Perkons) #341

Hello! I just want to say Thank You to Author(s) of this. I am new to Blender, so, exploring and learning a lot. Came across this, and - that looks a ton of possibilities AND Fun. Will be investigating this for sure.

(Vilem Duha) #342

Hi, I’m developer of the addon ‘Blender Tabs Interface’:

Some people who use my addon have a problem with your addon, since your panel drawing code does some non-standard things with the panel headers… Do you think you could actually fill the ‘bl_label’ value to have the name in it?

example fix is this (notice I removed the panel name drawing from draw_header. It draws fine here after this change…:

class Panel_Layout(bpy.types.Panel):
	bl_label = "UV Layout"
	bl_space_type = 'IMAGE_EDITOR'
	bl_region_type = 'TOOLS'
	bl_category = "TexTools"
	bl_options = {'DEFAULT_CLOSED'}

	def draw_header(self, _):
		layout = self.layout
		row = layout.row(align=True)
		row.operator("wm.url_open", text="", icon='INFO').url = "http://renderhjs.net/textools/blender/index.html#uvlayout"
		#row.label(text ="UV Layout")

(anphung) #343

Can you add a Metal checkbox for Preview Texture? It would make it easier to look at bevels.

(sirmaxim) #344

Made a patch file for the Tabs Interface issue that appears to fix it. :wink:
init.py.patch (2.2 KB)


What’s up with the “Rectify” tool? Just seems to produce an error message on my end.

(royor) #346

this rectify always have an error sometimes it works sometimes its not so again I always rely on manual when it comes to this rectify method.

(Fracture64) #347

Awesome addon! Minor bug, but you used region background color for some of ui which kinda breaks expected behavior if you use alpha transparency in theme:

(1D_Inc) #348

We found another issue about Rectify tool.
Rectify multiple islands doesnot work in 2.79b, but works in 2.78.
Can you confirm that?

(SHABA1) #349

So we "the users have to copy and past this into some python file in the addon? Remember that most people that use blender are NOT coders/programers. They just want to get something done.

(Vilem Duha) #350

Hi Shaba. It wasn’t really meant for the users. I wanted to ask the developer to fix the issue. It’s just that by now, I can’t fix this immediately for people (since I’m not the dev of tex-tools), so it’s the only way to do this. I fix as much as I can directly in the addon.

(Tosky) #351

Addon is great but two useful tools should obtain their own shortcuts inside textools interface:

  • stitch/sew
  • “sculpt uv” (for relaxing)

Cheers :sunny:

(abdoubouam) #352

I’m not sure if anyone would be interested, but I’ve improved a bit the “paint base” for a project I’m currently working on and made it a node group

paint base.blend (206.4 KB)

(Matt) #353

Is there a way to show a progress bar, while baking?

Currently it just sorta locks up for a good while/I’m not sure when it will be done. Unless I’m missing something?

(draguu) #354

any plans for 2.8 support?