TexTools for Blender

I haven’t used the baking tools before but i was about to cause i needed a thickness map, but i saw there was no setting for it, I know thickness is merely a AO map with inverted normals, but have you considered adding a button for this?

Off topic, but you can’t answer, what kind of addon will you use to display model statistics?

White text = Extra Info (free)
Blue text + modifier = Speedflow Companion (comes with Speedflow $)


Few weeks ago I am trying to bake a 4K normal map and its like taking forever 1~0.5 hr , I know it has something to do with the cycle setting. But Tex tool baking seems to ignore those setting, and runs on its own (not a very optimize way ).

Anyway, if any one tries to do the baking, make tests before you are going big and complex.

Is anyone working on porting this to Blender 2.8?
Or is there anything similar for Blender 2.8?

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I read some thread about scripts in max and noticed you used or use UVlayout. Im not sure you still use it. But i made this addon which is a bridge between Blender and UVlayout.

Perhaps its useful to you


Looks like the fork made by SavMartin hasn’t been updated since Summer. Most likely another dead project :frowning:

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Here is the story about TexTools from @renderhjs:

Summer 2018. It sounds very promising. Too bad he doesn’t have time to update the addon. I hope he is engaged in a profitable and interesting job, all this time.


Hi, is it me or the baking is ultra slow compare to a normal bake ? I use sets and I want to bake the normals of multiple objects (8 lowpoly/highpoly) on the same texture and after waiting for 1 hour I had to stop cause it is clearly unworkable. Any solution ? I’m using textools on blender 2.81.

Thanks in advance !

Does textools 1.3 work on blender 2.81? I can’t seem to be able to enable it in the addon tab as it says “update to 2.8x required”

Hi, you must download the one i port to 2.80 its work well to 2.8x https://github.com/SavMartin/TexTools-Blender/releases/download/TexTools_2.80/textools.zip

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Hi SavMartin.

Do you plan to update the http://renderhjs.net/textools/blender/ page ?
It mentions blender 2.79 (at the top) as a requirement, it might also worth adding Blender 2.8x.

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He can´t do that as he doesn´t own the page.

Sorry, I am not the developer of Textools, only the one that transferred from blender 2.79 to blender 2.8x, I have not had contact with renderhjs, so there is no possibility of changes in that website.
Someone has complained that textools does not continue to develop and that it looks like an abandoned addon, in principle by renderhjs, and then by me, I want to clarify that I never intended to continue its development, I just did not want an addon as good as this will not be excluded from being used in blender 2.8x. and so it works fully except for two circumstances that I can not solve, the bake “displacement” that has no option in cycles at the moment, and that the external icons to blender are always illuminated, no matter that they are not selectable.


Is it tho?
There’s an OSL version of the bevel shader with unlimited samples and u can indeed note the difference.
It would be nice as well to be able to change that number for speeding up reasons.
More samples on the bevel shader with less AA sampling will result in a much faster baking process.

Great addon, it works!
Main problems for me are

  • Can’t make glossy and diffuse color at same time
  • Cant bake roughness map
  • Cant bake metallic map
    Can someone adapt this maps to addon?

i try to add Emit bake target)

It seems that it turned out well)


What happened with @renderhjs?
He dropped blender version?

Someone posted earlier about him being Busy or something.
If not, then idk.