TexTools for Blender

Are there any plans to include a mark seam by angle like ZenUV does?



Isn’t it just two steps as select by angle and mark seam or simple macro comand?

Probably, yes, but having this as a single step procedure would be a big time saver in the long run.



Using Tex Tools latest version 1.4.4 with Blender 3.0.0 seems to throw errors when trying to use the Rectify tool and the Edge peel tool.

Can anyone confirm it is a known issue?

Apparently you’re supposed to download it from the dropdown.

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Thanks so much!
Should I always download from the dropdown? or just SavMartin had no time to update the document?

Usually it’s perfectly fine to download things from github from the releases, but I guess that they’re waiting for 1.5.0 to update the releases page.

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I just did it right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Normally we wait to have a number of improvements or fixes before releasing a new version, that’s why whenever we have problems we always check when the last revision of the source code was made and if it has changed since our last download and we have problems of use, download and use the corrected version…