Textue is blurry!

I seem to have a problem with my texture on my box! For some reason it’s really blurry.

Have a look:


This model is a future animation project for the intro to n3x-studios.com, so any help as soon as possible, would be appreciated.

Maybe try to turn down filter level, turn off interpolation, or make your texture dimensions larger.

Lower your emmisive slider. You’re drowning your shadows in radiosity.

I wanted help on my texture, I know my lighting is off.

I’ll try multiplying my texture to 2000x2000 since the regular is 500x500.

For some reason, it’s still really blurry. Is there anyone that knows how to fix this?

As previously suggested, turning down the filter value in the Image tab is the first thing I’d try, too. Also, turn off Full OSA in the Material panel. Or maybe lower the OSA setting? If nothing else works, perhaps applying an unsharp mask or sharpen filter on the image in your 2D editor before using it. Or post processing it instead, to sharpen the image a bit…

you turned down filter [image texture’s buttons] and it’s still blurry? what did you turn it down to?

uhh, if the other options had no effect can you upload a blend somewhere?

Try to turn off interpol and use CatRom antialising with a large filter value in the Render Panel.


Try to turn off interpol and use CatRom antialising with a large filter value in the Render Panel.


That was the most extensive view i’ve ever seen on this subject… thanks!

I’ll do that and upload a blend for you guys to see!

z3r0 d:
No i haven’t tried any of that yet, I just upped the texture to 2000x2000, that’s all.

P.S. I will remove the dropshadow from the logo in the texture, which means I have to re-make the image, i’ll upload the render as soon as I’m done.

Ok i think I have it, now just compare the two:

Before removing the drop shadow:

And of course after I removed the drop shadow!

Was that extra text supposed to be there? Wait…the texture that was blurry was the text?! Is that what this means? I thought the little symbol in the bottom was the texture! I feel like such an idiot!

It was the drop shadow in the texture that did it? Weird…

I added the text, the first render was just a test of the symbol. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s ok, we all get a little confused :stuck_out_tongue: