Textur on the wrong side of the "wall"

Please look at this picture. The texture that arrow 1 is pointing at is supposed to be at the other side of this “wall”. Also the texture the orange arrow is pointing at is on the wrong side- it is supposed to be on the side that you can see right now. To apply the texture to he model I just selected the whole model and “unwrapped” it. Then I took this UV/Image Editor and used that to apply the texture to the model- but as you can see with a result- I didn’t want to have :wink:

I hope you can help me!! :smiley:

Ohh!! I’m sorry- teher was a problem I think- I apologize for that-


This is the correct location where you can find the picture- can you help me??

With UVMapped textures they only show on the side of the faces that the Normals are showing (turn Normals on in MeshTools 1 tab in F9 in Edit mode to see). In Edit mode you can select those Faces and hit W >> Flip Normals.